A History of HeptaChroma
In 2003, the preparation phase for the fundamental research of dye-sensitized solar cell. Our board chairman Yang did his postdoctoral research concerning dye-sensitized solar cell in Royal Institute of Technology in Sweden, worked with Prof. Anders Hagfeldt.
In 2004, the first tetra-quinoline sensitizer was designed and synthesized.
In 2005, breakthrough was made in small-area DSC fabrication.
In 2006, the test condition was greatly improved. A group of new metal-free organic sensitizers were developed, and the first Chinese patent was applied for.
In 2007, HeptaChroma was founded on January, located at 260 Shengli Eastroad, Xigang District, Dalian, and started selling the DSC experimental materials at the end of 2007.
In 2008, with the further technical progress, four Chinese patents were applied for on February. HeptaChroma moved to 8 Jingxian Street, Dalian Hi-tech Zone on May, and started the pilot-plant production. On June, Heptachroma obtained the foundation support from National Innovation Fund for Technology-based Firms. On October, the DSC panel of 0.5 m2 was manufactured.
In 2009, on July, HeptaChroma succeeded in the trial run of FTO pilot-plant production. On October, the DSC sealing method and module structure were optimized. On November, HeptaChroma moved to 2 Xuezi Street, Dalian Hi-tech Zone, further improved the scientific research conditions.
In 2010, signing a cooperation agreement with Liaoning (Yingkou) Coastal Industrial Base on February, for accelerating the industrialization of dye-sensitized solar cell. On March, Shandong HeptaChroma Chemical Co., Ltd. was established. On April, Yingkou HeptaChroma SolarTech Co., Ltd. was founded.
In 2011, the commencement ceremony of Yingkou HeptaChroma SolarTech Co., Ltd. was held successfully on August.
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