HeptaChroma was founded in 2007 to commercialize the technology of the third generation of solar cells (dye-sensitized solar cells, DSC). HeptaChroma consists of Dalian HeptaChroma SolarTech Co., Ltd., Yingkou HeptaChroma SolarTech Co., Ltd. and Shandong HeptaChroma Chemical Co., Ltd.. HeptaChroma is mainly focusing on the research and production of FTO conductive glass and DSC panels apart from the production of the key materials/equipments required for DSC fabrication processes and fine chemicals.
HeptaChroma owns a professional technical team composed of a number of doctors, masters and senior engineers with years of experiences in the field of DSC research, who are doing the most forefront R&D work concerning all key parts of DSC. HeptaChroma is active in the area of renewable energy, and has a leading position in the development of DSC. The market share of HeptaChroma products about DSC experimental materials and equipments have been increased to 80% in the past 4 years in China. The good quality and the prompt technical support have attracted over 300 clients including universities, research institutes and companies from home and abroad to purchase our products. With our technical progress, HeptaChroma was supported by National Innovation Fund for Technology Based Firms in 2008 for further development of the DSC fundamental research. Under the support of Liaoning (Yingkou) Coastal Industrial Base and Yingkou government, a modern production base was built, and the first DSC pilot production line with independent intellectual property rights in China has been also put into trial production.
The main components of dye-sensitized solar cell are low-cost nano-TiO2 and sensitizer. Since there is no need for super high temperature, high vacuum, high purity during its production, dye-sensitized solar cell has been regarded as an excellent alternative to the traditional silicon-based solar cells, besides, the most effective way to make use of the solar energy in large scale. This technology will trigger an energy revolution.

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